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Step 1: How do I Enable Existing Clients to Login for the First Time?

Tammy wants to invite Linda to use the client portal for making online bookings and updating her client and pet information.  


To enable your clients to access the Pet Sitter Plus Client Portal to view their account information, you need to provide them with:

  • the web site address (URL) for your business's portal

  • the client's unique 10 digit ID (optional). Your clients can log on to the portal using either the same email address as you have on their client data screen or their unique 10 digit account number.

NOTE: existing clients MUST already have a client record created in the software, as you did in Step 4 Add Clients. There is a different process for asking new clients to register themselves for the first time, which you can read about later in Online Registration for New Clients.


In Step 11 of this tutorial, we will assume the identity of "Linda Macauley" so you can see how clients would initially set their password to log in and make an online booking.


1. Firstly, you will need to change the email address on Linda Macauley's client record to your own email address. This is so you can set up the password on this account and see how it works from the client's perspective.


Type in your own email address, eg. "" and click "Update".




  • Send a Welcome Email

For Further Help:
Client Portal
Login to Portal

Your Pet Sitter Plus software contains several pre-configured email templates for your use, and one of these is called "Welcome Email".


2. Click the "EMAIL" tab and select the email template "Welcome Email" from the dropdown list.


3. Type into the "Email Subject" line "Welcome to the client portal" and click "Email".


NOTE: the "merge codes" you can see in the { } brackets – eg. {CLIENT_FORENAME} – will automatically populate with the data in the client record, in this case "Linda" as the client's forename.


Go to your email inbox to see if an email has arrived from Dogz and Catz Pet Sitting.


4. Click the link in the email to create your password.


You will see a "set-up" screen from the client portal.


5. Click the link to "Create Password".


Them next screen is an extra security measure to ensure you are in the right account.


6. Click on the button "Create Password".


7. A confirmation message is displayed asking you to click the verification link in an email that has been sent to you.


NOTE: this link must be clicked within 2 hours or the link will expire and you will have to follow the process again.

Go to your email inbox to see if another email has arrived from Dogz and Catz Pet Sitting.


8. Click the link to "generate your password".


9. Enter a password and confirm it in the second panel. You could use "test" as it is easy to remember. Click "Set password".


10. You will see the "Account Summary" screen when you are successfully logged in to the portal.


This tutorial demonstrates how to invite existing clients to login to the client portal within Pet Sitter Plus. To gain a greater understanding of the options available when you are ready to learn more, you can take a look at the Help pages for the Client Portal and How do I enable my Clients to Book Online through the Portal? 

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.


To move forward to the next step, click the link below and then choose the next step:


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