Your Pet Sitter Plus software will come pre-configured with a selection of services that are common to pet sitting businesses, such as dog walking, potty breaks, home visits, overnights and daycare.

Step 1: How do I Change a Service Item?

These existing services that come with your system can easily be changed to suit your business – description, duration, charge, appearance in the diary, etc.


Tammy offers a 40 minute dog visit but there isn't a service that matches this on the list. So she can either create a new service or, even quicker, she can edit a service that she doesn't need. She doesn't offer a 60 minute visit, so that's the one to change.


1. Click "60Visit1" from the service item list on the left of the screen. You will see some sub menus in the central panel, and the service settings on the right.


2. Type the new short description "40Visit1" and the new long description "Home Visit, 40 Mins".


NOTE: the "short description" must only contain letters, numbers and no spaces. Keep it as short as possible but remember the code needs to be obvious to your team.



  • Change an existing Service Item

  • Add a New Service Item

  • Add a standard Compensation amount

For Further Help:
Service Items
Service Item Groups

3. Change the charge to "35.00". You don't need to include the currency symbol $.


4. Click "Update" to save your changes.

Step 2: How do I Add a New Service Item?

Tammy offers a Fish Feeding service to her clients. As there doesn't seem to be a service on the list that she can edit, she needs to create a new service item.


1. Click "Add New Service".


2. Type the short description "FishFeed" and the long description "Feeding Fish daily visit"


NOTE: the long description is the text that the client sees on their quote, invoice and on their schedule in the client portal.


3. When you are happy with what you've typed in, click "Create New Service Item".

Your new service item has been created.


NOTE: the standard settings –

  • the diary colour always defaults to black

  • the compensation is set to nil

  • the service item group is "not set"

  • the default charge is set to nil

4. Click on the "Diary Colour" panel – this will change the colour of the fish feeding visit in the diary. Click your cursor in the blue colours to get a mid blue colour (it doesn't have to match the blue we chose exactly).


NOTE: strong, deep colors show up the best on the diary/schedule view.

5. Click on the dropdown menu by "Group". Choose "Visits" to categorise the fish feeding service in this group.

6. Now enter the charge for the fish feeding service as "15.00".


7. When you are happy with your new service item settings, click "Update".

Step 3: How do I Add a Standard Compensation amount to my Service Item?

Tammy usually pays her sitters $7.50 per visit for carrying out a fish feeding service. She would like this amount to be added automatically to a sitter's compensation.


1. Click the "FishFeed" service.


2. Type "7.50" into the "Default Compensation" panel. Click  "Update".


Your standard compensation is now set.



Try editing another service item as follows (we will need this further on in our tutorial):


1. Click on the service item "30Gwalk1" from the sub menu on the left.


2. Change the default charge to "$15.00" and click "Update".


3. Change the default compensation to "$8.00" and click "Update".


Now when a group walk for 30 mins is scheduled, it will automatically default to a charge of $15 and a compensation of $8 will be applied.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.


To move forward to the next step, click the link below and then choose the next step:


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