There are a few ways of scheduling repeat services in Pet Sitter Plus. When you have commpleted this tutorial and are ready to learn more, you can click the link to view the Repeat Services section on the right of the screen.


In this section, you will schedule a repeat service into a service order, building on what you have learnt so far.

Step 1: How do I Schedule a Repeat Service?

Tammy's client, Linda Macauley, has a dog called Sammy who Janet walks on a Monday and Thursday every week. Tammy hascreated a repeat service on Linda's client account and needs to run it so she can schedule next month's walks for Janet.


1. From Linda's client record, click the ORDERS tab, then click "Create New Order".


For Further Help:
For Further Help:
Repeat Services



  • Schedule a Repeat Service

Navigation: CLIENTS > ORDERS

2. Click on the title named "Service Order" to access the new order.

3. Click "Add Repeat..." to schedule the repeat service(s).

4. Select the dates for the repeat jobs you are scheduling, in this case "09/01" to "09/30".


NOTE: if you wish you can choose different dates to the ones we have shown here, as these are example dates only.


5. Select the repeat service that you created in 6-2 Add a Repeat Service and you want to schedule now "Mon, Thur".


6. Click "Add Jobs".

7. The repeat service dog walks for the month of September are now scheduled into the diary and a service order generated.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.


To move forward to the next step, click the link below and then choose the next step:


< Step 6: Add Service Orders < 6-3 Schedule a repeat service


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