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Some of your clients may order different types of services (or services on different dates) all at the same time through the client portal. Some services might need to be associated with different service orders so that they can be processed under separate workflow and invoiced separately.


For example, a client may request pet sitting visits for their vacation in June, a week's worth of dog walking in July, and more pet sitting for a business trip in August. You can associate these job requests with different service orders before they are processed onto the schedule. This allows the different requests to go into separate service orders, which will allow for separate invoices for the client once scheduled. 

Assigning requests to a service order will also allow the scheduling Notepad to be visible and easily accessible from the main Job Request processing screen (DIARY & SCHEDULING > JOB REQUESTS). To "auto-assign" job requests to service orders, see Auto Assign Requests to Order.


How do I Assign Job Requests to a Service Order? 

To assign job requests to a service order before processing them onto the schedule:

  • access the Job Requests processing list by clicking DIARY & SCHEDULING > JOB REQUESTS from the main menu

    • alternatively, you can click "X clients with outstanding job requests" from the HOME page

    • or click on the red Job Requests box to access the list of job requests that are awaiting processing

  • then click on the job requests (from the Requests column) that you would like to process​


  • select the requests that you wish to assign to an order by checking the boxes in the right-hand column

    • Note that the very top checkbox is a "select all" box​

  • click "Assign Order..."

  • to add the requests to an existing order on the client's account, select that Order from the drop-down list

    • or select "New Order" to assign the requests to a new service order

  • enter an Order Label if desired

  • click "Assign Order" 

The requested services are now included in a service order on the Job Requests page under the heading "Orders with assigned requests". To access the requests, click on the Order under this heading, or click on the assigned order from the main Job Requests page.

The requested services are also included in a service order on the client's Orders page. Note that beneath the Order Label, it says "Requests." Also note that there is no Status associated with the requests, nor is there a Total due - because these jobs are Requests, not scheduled work.

To access the job requests, click into the service order, then navigate to the Requests tab in the third-line menu. 

From here, you may

  • add more job requests to the order,

  • edit the job requests as needed,

  • move the requests to a new or different service order, 

  • email the job requests to staff or clients,

  • unassign the job requests from the order,

  • schedule the requests, or

  • delete the requests

See JOB REQUESTS for more information on how to do this.


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