Some of your clients may order different types of services all at the same time through the client portal. Some services might need to be associated with different service orders so that they can be processed under separate workflow and invoiced separately. In this new release you can now associate job requests with different service orders before they are processed onto the schedule and with the introduction of a notepad, you can now keep track of your efforts to process your individual orders.


Example; (see screenshots)

Client Jane Aardvark  has ordered some regular dog walks for January 2017.....but also she has ordered a weeks worth of vacation visits in April 2017 ......and a weeks worth of vacation visits in May 2017

Different Approval Processes

In this particular example, these requests need to be assigned to three separate orders because, due to the rules of this particular pet sitting business, there is a need to follow different workflow to approve each set of requests.

New ASSIGN function (job request processing screen)

By selecting the dog walks and clicking the new function “Assign”, administrators can assign jobs to an order before  processing them onto the schedule.

This enables different types of work to be logically split up into their respective orders prior to scheduling, so that the appropriate workflow can be followed for each logical order.

Each order now has 4 tabs as follows:


  • ORDER,





Under the ORDER tab, approved and scheduled services are listed.


Under the REQUESTS tab, requests associated with an order, but not yet scheduled are listed.

Under the SCHEDULING NOTES tab, administrators can now record the progress of the approval of requests.


These notes are free format and would typically reflect the history of the approval process for that particular type of work (for that particular business).

Click on the presentation for more information.



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