A feature to help identify clients who forget to click submit when ordering services online. This feature will alert you to the presence of un-submitted job requests so that you can liaise with your client, reducing the possibility of services being missed.

The Problem - Relates to online service request process

After clicking  “add to request” some clients do not realize that their job requests are not actually “requested” until they click  “submit now”.

Until the client clicks “Submit Now” their requests remain in the client portal.

Clients are often unaware that their services have not been ordered / requested.

New Setting

A new setting can be found in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings > Auto submit outstanding requests after (hours).

This setting enables you (the administrator) to set the number of hours (after a period of inactivity) after which Pet Sitter Plus will “Auto-Submit” un-submitted job requests that the client has left in the client portal.

This new function means that you (the administrator) will be alerted to the presence of potentially missed service requests.

This setting has been defaulted to 8 hours but you can re-set it to whatever value you like.

Auto-Submitted services are not added to your schedule until approved and are clearly identifiable in the admin interface (see next screenshots).

We recommend that, on receipt of an auto-submitted request, you consult with your client before processing the request onto your schedule.


Auto-Submitted services are clearly identified in the job request processing screen.

Email confirmations for services that have been auto-submitted are identified with the words (auto submitted) in the subject line of the email.

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