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Prior to scheduling and confirming any requests, you have the ability to do the following:

  • request another confirmation from the the client if they make changes to the original request prior to it being scheduled;

  • request more information from the client about the job request, such as what time the pick-up is;

  • decline a job request prior to it being scheduled if the sitter is not available or you simply do not want to offer the services requested;

  • remind the sitter to confirm their availability before you accept the request.


How do I email a job request?

  • Navigate to DIARY & SCHEDULING > JOB REQUESTS  or click on the red "Job Requests" box that displays a number representing how many job requests you have to process.

  • From the list of job requests, click on the link in the "Requests" column (clicking on the client name will take you to their client details screen).


  • Next, you should check the jobs you wish to email the client and/or "BCC" the sitter about. Check the box at the top of the column to select all jobs.


  • Check the box by "Send to Client" to send the email to the client.

  • Check the box by "Send to Sitters" to "BCC" the email to all of the sitters.


NOTE: The "Sitters" are all the names that appear in the "Staff" column.


  • Type in a Subject heading for your email.

  • Edit the body of the email if you need to add or change anything.

  • Click "Send"


In this example, we have chosen to ask the Client a question about where their key is kept. The email will be "BCC'd" to the sitter so they know we have asked the question (outlined in red) and can keep a look out for the answer.


< Job Requests < How to Email a Job Request


A copy of the "Job Request - Client Questions" email template used in our example is shown below when it has been merged with the client's job request, as it might appear in Outlook or a similar program. The question we asked about the key is outlined in red.


< Job Requests < How to Email a Job Request


Who receives the job request email?

  • If you have checked the "Send to Client" option, the email is sent to the client's email address held on file. If there is an alternative contact held on file and the option to "copy emails to this address" has been checked, then request confirmation email will also go to the alternative contacts email address.

  • If you checked the "Send to Sitters" option the email will be "BCC'd" to all the sitters that appear in the "Staff" column in the Job Request who have been allocated the job.

  • The request confirmation email is always sent to the company email. The company email can be found in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Company information.



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