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A collection of functions connected with the creation and management of scheduling items.


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Diary >

Pet Sitter Plus has at its core a central admin diary that enables pet sitters and administrators to manage all their work in one central place and schedule work efficiently.


Schedule >

The Schedule makes it easy to re-schedule multiple jobs to other pet sitters if, (say), a member of staff is ill. The schedule is a powerful way to cancel multiple jobs in one action in the case of a bad weather day.


Monitor >

Our powerful time recording function allows you to see a real-time view of your sitter's locations with our advanced GPS reporting solution, plus view a staff activity report that details all staff members' work and travel time, including a series of notifications that can alert you to possible issues with staff performance. 


Key Management >

The Key Management functions include a list of all keys recorded in Pet Sitter Plus, how to reassign or return the keys, and how to remove access to reassigning keys.


How to Run Repeat Services >

The Repeat Services feature enables you to store information about services that your clients order regularly so you can create services quickly and easily based on this information.


Planner >

The Planner provides a summary view of boarding or overnight bookings by pet sitter so that you can see when pet sitters are available or when they are oversubscribed.


Holidays >

The Holidays feature allows you or your staff to input periods of absence from the business. Pet Sitter Plus will then help you to manage staff availability for scheduling.


Job Requests >

View, amend, schedule or delete job requests which have been received from your Clients using the Client Portal.