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If a client requires a service (such as a dog walk) on a regular repeating basis (ex: every Monday through Friday), then this requirement is recorded on the repeat service page on the client record. Repeat service records are created for clients who have regular repeating service requirements that are predictable. It is not necessary to create repeat services for clients who book occasionally (for example, vacation clients).


You can read more about setting up Repeat Services in the client record, including how to add a new repeat service, edit an existing repeat service, and how to run an individual repeat service from the client record.

To make the scheduling of repeat services more automated, repeat services can be "run" simultaneously (for all or some clients) for date ranges that represent your billing cycle (for example, monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly). Running repeat services for multiple clients at the same time not only creates the schedule very quickly, but also creates the service orders for the required billing period for all repeat service clients. The service orders ultimately become the invoices.


Running repeat services for clients who are invoiced on different billing cycles:


Monthly Billing Cycle

For clients who have regular recurring service requirements and who are billed monthly, you should use a monthly date range when running repeat services. 


Bi-weekly Billing Cycle

For clients who have regular recurring service requirements and who are billed bi-weekly (or every two weeks), you should use a bi-weekly date range when running repeat services.


Weekly Billing Cycle

For clients who have regular recurring service requirements and who are billed weekly, you should use a weekly date range when running repeat services.


To run your Repeat Services:


First, view your repeat services report:


  2. Enter the date range for which you want to run repeat services

    • in this example, we are running repeat services for all monthly invoiced clients so we have entered the month of September for the date range

  3. Choose "Monthly Invoiced" from the payment type drop down 

  4. Click "Run Report"


Screen Shot - Viewing Repeat Service Report for clients on a Monthly Billing Cycle


Next, run repeat services for a monthly billing cycle:

  1. Ensure that the Status of all repeat service orders is "Ready"

    • If the status says "Already Run" then the repeat services have already been scheduled​

  2. Select all repeat services by checking the top checkbox in the far right column

  3. Enter a service order Label (optional)

  4. Click "Run Services"

This process will schedule the repeat services for all selected 'Monthly Invoiced' clients, and it will create service orders for all of these clients.

Screen Shot - Running Repeat Services for clients on a Monthly Billing Cycle


Repeat Services - The Already Run Status


The “Already Run” status indicates that these repeat services have now been run.


This status acts as a warning not to run these repeat services again for this date range, potentially creating duplicate schedule entries.


Screen Shot - Running Repeat Services for clients on a Monthly Billing Cycle.


Diary & Schedule


As a result of running repeat services, the dairy and schedule for the month has now been created.


Screen Shot - The diary/schedule for the month has been created as a result of running repeat services.


Invoices are now ready to go.


As a result of running repeat services, a service order for each client has now been created. These are now ready for invoicing as and when required.


Screen Shot - Bulk Invoicing screen showing invoices now ready to go.


The Repeat Services Report Explained


The various columns on the Repeat Services report (below) make it easier for you to review all of your clients' specific repeat service orders prior to 'running repeat services,' i.e. scheduling the work.

Client: The client who has the repeat service. The client's name is a clickable link to the client's account. To make changes to the client's account or repeat service order prior to running repeat services, click on their name in the left column, make the change in their account, then click "Run Report" to return to the Repeat Services report.


Ref: The Diary Reference, or pet's name, who the repeat service is for. The Diary Ref field can be edited on the Client Details page.

Repeat Service: A description of the repeat service, which pulls from the "Label" field on the client's Repeat Services page. For more details, see Repeat Services.

Time: The time or time block associated with the repeat service. 

Days: The days of the week on which the repeat service occurs. 


Payment Type: Identifies the billing cycle, or how and when the client pays, such as Monthly Invoiced or Weekly PrePay.

Staff: The staff person assigned to the repeat service.

Notes: Shows the Notes associated with the client's repeat service order, which are enter on the client's repeat service page.

Screen Shot - Column headers on the Repeat Services report.

Repeat Service report1.jpg

When should I NOT create a repeat service?

You should NOT create a repeat service record for any client who does not regularly order the same services week in week out. For example, if you have a client who needs service every month, but you do not know what days they will require until the client contacts you to order them, then you DO NOT need to create a repeating service for this client. BUT, if you have a client who always orders a Monday but sometimes adds a Wednesday and a Friday, then typically you should create a repeating service for this client for the Monday only. You can add the Wed and Fri to the service order as soon as the client requests those days.


What if my clients are all billed on different billing cycles?

Some pet sitting businesses invoice their clients using a variety of different billing cycles, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly in the same system. In addition to this, they might invoice some clients in advance of service and some at the end of service. This is possible to manage in Pet Sitter Plus, using the "Payment Type" setting for each client. However, if all clients are on the same billing cycle, it creates far less administration overhead and is the easiest to manage. For more information on Payment Types, see Payment Types.


Using Payment Type to Manage Clients on Different Billing Cycles

Clients on different billing cycles will need to be isolated so that repeat services can be run separately for different date ranges. This facilitates the creation of service orders that might be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You will be able to sort your Invoicing report by Payment Type, so you can easily run your repeat services for the correct billing cycle for those clients.


So that it is possible to sort and run repeat services for clients on different billing cycles, each client record contains a "Payment Type" setting. This field denotes the billing cycle (for example "Weekly Invoiced" or "Monthly Invoiced"). It is generally only necessary to use the payment type field if your clients are invoiced on differing billing cycles. If you have adopted a standard billing cycle for all of your clients, you may not need to use the "Payment Type" field. 

Show Inactive Clients and Show Inactive Services

On the Repeat Services report, there are two options that allow you to see inactive repeat services - either the client is inactive, or the repeat service on the client's account is inactive.

"Show Inactive Clients" will list all of the inactive clients who have a repeat service on their account. 

"Show Inactive Services" will list all of the clients who have an inactive repeat service on their account.

It is useful to see inactive clients with repeat services, or inactive repeat services (on active client accounts) in the event you need to re-assign these repeat services to another pet sitter.


For example, if a pet sitter resigns, you will want to re-assign all clients and repeat services to another sitter - even if they are inactive. On the Staff Maintenance page, you can see the number of clients and the number of repeat services that are assigned to the pet sitter (including inactive clients/services), and you can re-assign them all to another sitter on this page. But the Staff Maintenance page will not display the specific client names. 


(To read more about Staff Maintenance after a pet sitter resigns, see What Action should I take when Staff leave or are no longer available?).

To see a list of which clients, specifically, are assigned to the pet sitter, then navigate to the Repeat Services report, and click either "Show Inactive Clients" or "Show Inactive Services." This will allow you to review the clients with inactive repeat services, or the inactive clients with repeat services, and determine who to re-assign them to on a client-by-client basis.

Screen Shot - "Show Inactive Clients" and "Show Inactive Services"

Repeat Service report2.jpg