Pet Sitter Plus has a powerful online service ordering component that enables clients to book pet sitting services from any device. This important functionality forms part of the Client Portal.


The job request processing function is first and foremost a "holding place" where requested services can be viewed, edited, added to and made subject to an approval "workflow" prior to scheduling.


When a service is booked via the Client Portal, it is seldom the case that you would want that service to be added directly to your live schedule, so the job request processing function allows you to ensure the order is correct and that you are available to provide those services, prior to accepting and scheduling the work. At this point you can also decline the request if your sitter is unavailable or you simply do not wish to provide the services.


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Job Requests Explained >

The job request processing function is a "holding place" where requested services can be viewed, edited and made subject to an approval "workflow" prior to scheduling.


Processing Job Requests >

How to view, edit, schedule, delete, decline, and email job requests.


How does a Client Cancel a Job Request before it has been Scheduled? >

A client may decide to cancel a job request before you have had a chance to schedule the job. This explains what happens in this situation and how you will be notified about it.

How Do I Know if a Sitter is on Vacation? >

If a specific team member is not available for a job request, the system will alert you. 


Job Request Emails BCC'd to the Primary Sitter > >

It is possible to automatically "BCC" any "Job Request" emails to the primary sitter so that they have the opportunity to indicate whether or not they are available to provide the requested services.


Automatic Email Notifications >

When a client requests services using the client portal, three emails are produced automatically.


Assigning Job Requests to an Order >

Some services might need to be associated with different service orders so that they can be processed under separate workflow and invoiced separately. 


How Do I Create New Jobs Requests Associated with a Service Order? >

If a client requests more services, after you have already assigned their previous requests to a service order, you can add the new job requests to the assigned order.


Adding Scheduling Notes to a Job Request >

Administrators can record the progress of the approval of job requests by using Scheduling Notes.


How Do I Convert Scheduled Jobs back to a Job Request? >

It is possible to re-instate a scheduled service back to being an unscheduled job request so that it can be "re-processed" as a request.


What if a Job Request says Auto-Submitted? >

If clients do not click "Submit Now" in the client portal, their job requests will be auto-submitted to the company.