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When a period of planned absence has been booked and approved, it is important that the administrator is made aware of situations when services conflict with the dates of the planned absence so that these services can be re-allocated.


The system will alert an administrator to these situations in a number of ways. For example:

  • When services are booked for a member of staff who in either on vacation or otherwise absent from the business, the services appear in red in the service order.


Screen Shot - Showing holiday conflict in the service order. 

  • Services booked for a member of staff who is either on vacation, has been made inactive or is otherwise absent from the business appear in red in the admin diary.


Screen Shot - Holiday conflict in the Admin Diary. 

  • By clicking on any service in the admin diary it is possible to re-assign the work to another employee. Any employee who is unavailable is marked "**Holiday**" in the staff drop down lists (on the days that they are unavailable) so that administrators do not assign work to them in error.


Screen Shot - Conflict management when re-assigning services in the admin diary. 

  • In the Planner, periods of absence from the business are marked with red dots to help prevent services from being assigned to pet sitters who are unavailable.

  • If boarding or overnight services have been assigned to staff members who are unavailable then the number of jobs assigned will appear in red. Click on the number to reveal the details of the booking(s) so that they can be re-assigned.


Screen Shot - Staff unavailability showing in the planner 


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