Online service request error messages must be now be acknowledged by the client


  • Pet Sitter Plus contains rules that govern the ordering of services online. So for example you might have configured your system such that it is not possible for a client to order a service online within x days or x hours of the service start time.

  • When a service is ordered online by one of your clients at a time that is disallowed by the above rules, a message is displayed on-screen that explains to the client why their service booking cannot be processed.

  • It was generally observed that this message was not staying onscreen long enough to be noticed by the client and so clients were processing orders not realising that one or more days had been disallowed because that had been ordered too close to the service start time.

  • In this release 5.2, the warning message has been improved and it now remains onscreen until acknowledged by the client. This greatly improves the chances that the message is read and understand.

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