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The job request processing function is a "holding place" where requested services can be viewed, edited, added to, deleted, declined, and made subject to an approval "workflow" prior to scheduling.


When a service is booked via the Client Portal, it is seldom the case that you would want that service to be added directly to your live schedule, so the job request processing function allows you to ensure the order is correct and that you are available to provide those services, prior to accepting and scheduling the work. At this point you can also decline the request if your sitter is unavailable or you simply do not wish to provide the services.




  • To access the job request processing queue click DIARY & SCHEDULING > JOB REQUESTS from the main menu. 

  • Alternatively click "X clients with outstanding job requests" from the HOME screen.

  • Or click on the red Job Requests box to access the list of job requests that are awaiting processing.


The red icon indicates the number of online service requests that need to be processed.

All of the columns can be sorted so you can view the Job Requests by order of preference. 


Click "X job requests" to process the individual job request.


Editing a Job Request >

Often it is a requirement to make changes to a job request before adding the services to an order or finding out if a sitter is available.


Adding to a Job Request >

Often services will need to be added to a job request prior to the approval workflow, such as pet taxi.


Emailing a Job Request >

Any changes or additions to Job requests made via the Client Portal can be emailed directly to the Client and/or "BCC'd" to the Sitter.


Scheduling a Job Request >

An explanation of how to schedule a job request after it has been approved.


Declining a Job Request >

If you cannot provide services requested, or your Sitters are not available, you can decliine a job request here and then delete it.


Deleting a Job Request >

If you are unable to deliver one or more of the services requested by a client, you can delete them from the job request.



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