Navigation -  click DIARY & SCHEDULE > DIARY/SCHEDULE > switch to schedule view (blue link on the right hand side of the screen.


There are two main views of the scheduling information held in Pet Sitter Plus, those being the "Diary" view and the "Schedule" view.


Both of these views show the same scheduling information presented in different ways. The Diary and the Schedule, whilst related, offer different types of scheduling functionality for different scheduling requirements.


In this section we discuss in detail the "Schedule" view in detail which is designed for making fine adjustments OR bulk adjustments to the schedule. For example you could use the schedule to cancel all service on a holiday or to move the work scheduled from one sitter to another sitter in one action.


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Schedule View Options >

Options to view and sort the information in the schedule in a wide variety of different ways.


Schedule Columns Explained >

An explanation of the data held in the various columns of the schedule.

Schedule Functions >

How to edit, cancel, void and delete jobs from the schedule.


Sort Schedule By >

An option to sort the schedule by "time" or by "time within pet sitter".


Emailing from the Schedule  >

Emailing from the Schedule allows you to notify one or more clients who are scheduled on a specific day. For example, you can email clients when their service is cancelled on a snow day or a holiday, when their services are about to start or end, or a change of sitter.