Time recording means different things to different people;

  • Some people want to record all time spent at work. They are not interested in a breakdown of “work time” and “travelling time”, to them it is just “time”.

  • Some people want to record “travelling time” and “work time” as separate items and then pay their sitters for those items at separate rates.


  • Some people want to record “travelling time” and “work time” as separate items but yet pay their sitters for those items at the same rate.


  • Some people want to exclude “lunchtimes” and “off times” during the day from the time-sheet, others do not.

Pet Sitter Plus has been designed to cater for all these different scenarios, but in order to do so there are now quite a few configuration options to consider. As a result, you may need to consult with your Pet Sitter Plus software coach before you get started.

The purpose of shifts is to help sitters to easily record time periods during which all activity is payable.


Time associated with work and travel outside of any shift is not recorded and is not payable.


Time associated with work and travel inside of any shift is recorded and is  payable.


In release 5.7 we announced revolutionary new time recording functionality that utilised GPS check-in data to create a time sheet.

This function re-uses the data created by the GPS based check-in / check-out system to generate time-sheets which themselves support:

  • a) hourly pay for employees and​

  • b) helps provide evidence of compliance with the minimum wage.

Due to the feedback we received we have added two new functions in release 5.8:

  • Shift Check-in / Check-out
    • A new "shift check-in / out" function enables sitters to "check in and out" of a shift (starting and stopping the shift clock).

    • This function is used to exclude periods of time that are unpaid such as lunchtimes or extended breaks in between visits. 

  • An option to “Exclude travel time to first and from last job”.
    • Most states / countries do not require the "journey time to the first job" or the "journey time from the last job" (classed as journey time to and from work) to form part of paid work. This new option will exclude this time from any resulting calculations.

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