After considering any notifications that have been triggered in the Staff Activity report, or after speaking with your sitter, you may wish to edit a check-in or check-out time if there is an error or the sitter has make a mistake.

  • There is an additional note added to the check-in and/or check-out times of "(no location)" when the times have been adjusted. This is because there is no GPS location recorded for the sitter for the new time, ie. Pet Sitter Plus does not know "where" the sitter was for the new time so it cannot record any location data.

How do I edit the Check-in or Check-out time?


The process is exactly the same for both. In this example, we will edit the check-out time. The sitter has obviously made a mistake as the check-out time is only one minute after the check-in time for a 30 minute service. The sitter has asked you to adjust this.

  • Click "Adjust Times..."

  • Enter a new time for the check-out, eg. 10:59am from the dropdown.

  • Click "Update" to save.

The new check-out time of 10:59am is displayed and will be calculated as a 30 minute service in the sitter's timecard.

As the GPS location for the new time is not known, a new notification for "Missing location data" has been triggered, and the words "(no location)" added after the times. See Missing location data for more information about this notification.


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